8 Race Finish

Virtual Games

Since the summer of 2018, I have been responsible for a portfolio of games that were previously developed by an external company. When Luke Alvarez was replaced by Brooks Pierce as COO of Inspired Gaming Inc., he wanted to bring all the code sourcing in-house so therefore it came to the mobile team to pick up the responsibility for the virtual games.

The aforementioned games framework queries the Virgo platform to get the games’ results. The results for each game cycle are delivered in json format via a websocket. There are 10 games that I have been responsible for maintaining during my time at Inspired. The games themselves are quite basic but use clever algorithms to stream videos that display the correct results to the user in an immersive way, making the player believe they are watching live sports unfold before their eyes. The games were originally only ever going to be targeting English speaking countries. However, with Inspired’s recent ventures into many new jurisdictions, these games have had to be modified quite extensively to handle multiple different currencies and languages, which all of our other games frameworks had already been well prepared for, making this an easier but still time consuming task.

The virtual games are very popular with the new customers and jurisdictions Inspired are now supplying games for as they are unique and add something different to our games repertoire. These games can be found on the Inspired Free to Play website.

1st Down Go!

Cars Go!

Cycling Go!

Dogs Go!

Football Go!

Football Spin & Goal

Horses Go!

Speedway Go!

Tennis Go!

World Cup Go!