Free Spins Bounty Choice

Wild Bandits

Wild Bandits is a Wild West themed, 5 reel, 15 win line slots game with three reel features:

Wild Shootout – A number of wilds appear on the reels

Wilds West – Wilds West starts when a Dynamite Wild Symbol lands on reel 5, reel 4 or reel 3. The Wild symbol then moves 1 reel west on each spin until reel 1 is reached – these extra 2 to 4 spins are free.

Wild Deals™ Free Spins – Catch all Wild Bandits during your 15 Wild Deals™ Free Spins sequence! Keep your Wild Bandits on the reels or take the bribe and let them go! Any Wild Bandits on the reels at the end of the Wild Deals™ Free Spins sequence will be jailed and you will be awarded a bounty value!

Wild Bandits is also the first game that we have done at Games Warehouse that has an achievements system implemented in the game that ultimately will effect the RTP of the game once all Sticky Wild Bandits in the game have either been captured or released.

A promotional video made for the game can be found on youtube here:

The game can be played using the following links:

GW Games

Sky Vegas