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Mercury Roulette

During my time with Inspired Gaming, it has been my responsibility to maintain a number of games that were built on Inspired’s old game development engine, which was named Mercury. This games framework queries the Virgo platform to get game cycle results that are delivered via a websocket in json format. There are 34 Mercury games that I have been maintaining in my time at Inspired; 6 of these are Roulette games, the rest are slot games.

The front end for the games uses a totally bespoke framework that was developed in-house. It uses a mix of both HTML and Canvas elements to deliver the overall game to the player. The games framework also makes use of various other third party code sources and plugins, most notably jQuery, velocity.js and various libraries from createJS.

One of my responsibilities at Inspired Gaming was to take our “World Cup Roulette” game through from concept to delivery to the client. It is the first roulette game that I ever spent time developing and really enjoyed overcoming the challenges that a roulette game posed. These games can be found on the Inspired Free to Play website.

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World Cup Roulette