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Comtrade Blackjack

During my time with Inspired Gaming, it has been my responsibility to maintain a portfolio of games that were originally outsourced to a company named Comtrade. This games framework queries the Virgo platform (that Inspired Gaming develop in-house) to get the games’ results. The results for each game cycle are delivered in json format via a websocket. There are 10 games that I have been maintaining during my time at Inspired; 2 of these are Blackjack, the rest are slot games.

The front end for the games uses the Impact – HTML5 Canvas & JavaScript Game Engine to define the game objects and render the game to a canvas. The games framework also makes use of various other third party code sources and plugins, most notably Howler.js to handle sounds.

The two Blackjack games were very well received by their respective customers and have been available on multiple online casinos for many years. These games can be found on the Inspired Free to Play website.

BetFred Blackjack

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